Why Adams Campbell?

Proven Delivery

Our stock hold and release program allows you to order in larger quantities thus driving costs down and at the same time minimizing inventory. We also provide just-in-time manufacturing so you can meet tight schedules
while maximizing supply chain efficiencies.

Just-In-Time Delivery

  • Typically order 4-6 months worth of stock
  • We can schedule deliveries of smaller quantities as you need the product (Just In Time).
  • You pay for it as you take delivery with the terms thus minimizing cash flow.
  • Our smaller Just-In-Time orders we schedule around your needs.

“Adams Campbell has been a trusted partner in our business for over 20 years. Their ability to provide high quality fabricated sheet metal parts, in a timely manner and for a good price has allowed us to grow our Audio Power Amplifier business and helped us maintain the high quality standards we are known for.”

Proven Value

Our value proposition allows you to use us in the design stage, work on
prototypes to ensure design matches intent and utilize our extensive
tooling inventory to find the most cost effective solution to your
design challenges.

Partnering with Our Customers

  • Working together on design can minimize production time and per piece cost
  • Quick turn-around of prototypes and first articles allows us to meet your production needs.
  • Your challenge is our opportunity to demonstrate our ability to exceed your expectations

“The majority of our orders with Adams Campbell Company is on the lower quantity side and requires a fast & quick turnaround. Adams Campbell will always schedule our needs in a timely & efficient manner. That value is un-paralleled when meeting shipping dates to our Customer Base.”

Proven Quality

Adams Campbell is committed to meeting customer’s requirements and enhancing our quality system to enhance customer satisfaction. We are ISO 9001: 2015 Certificate of Registration.

Exceeding Our Customer Expectations is Driven Through

  • Continuously improving processes
  • Empowering employees through extensive training
  • Customer support and service
  • On time delivery

“We have been Partnering with Adams Campbell Company for almost Ten Years now. We find working with Adams Campbell on Prototyping & Design work has exceeded our expectations and resulted in more cost effective designs, product quality and meeting our Customers high demands.”

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